Every day, non-profits and other good cause organizations make a tremendous impact on our world. And despite their amazing contributions, many often lack the resources for high-quality video services that would enable them to share their amazing work with a wider audience, expanding their outreach efforts to affect even more lives. 

This is the mission of Visual Anarchy: We are passionate about empowering non-profits and under-represented communities with professional quality video and design to help them tell their stories in their own words, share their truths, and reach more people with their missions of good will.  Leveling the playing field, one video at a time.


We also believe deeply that people should be able to create and share their own stories. Visual Anarchy works with local communities and schools to help teach the basics of video production, as well as investigative documentary film work. We teach camerawork, lighting, quality sound production, researching & interviewing documentary subjects, and virtually all other aspects of video production. In addition to instruction and hands-on training, we have also created RACK FOCUS, a podcast designed to deconstruct “all things video” though interviews with talented filmmakers and crew members around the planet.


Visual Anarchy also partners with organizations (schools, local neighborhood organizations, non-profits) who will benefit from donations of video equipment. We look for donations of video production equipment from companies/industry professionals who may be purging older gear, upgrading their inventory, or have an interest in sharing their new products with those who haven't had a chance to share their stories.  Every donation, no matter how small, can help with the ongoing efforts of Visual Anarchy to empower young and emerging filmmakers capture their world and tell the stories of their communities.