Episode 006 - GET OUT and More with Toby Oliver

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 GET OUT's Cinematographer Toby Oliver with Director Jordan Peele.

GET OUT's Cinematographer Toby Oliver with Director Jordan Peele.

 Happy Death Day

Happy Death Day

Toby Oliver A.S.C.

 On the set of Get Out.

On the set of Get Out.

Our chat with Toby ranges from his start in Australia, moving to LA in 2013 for his collaborations with Blumhouse Media, unintentionally becoming a Horror film Cinematographer, working on the Academy Award winning film GET OUT with Jordan Peele, and his most recent film Happy Death Day.


Toby Oliver ACS is an award-winning cinematographer whose career extends from his native Australia to the United States and internationally. Named as one of Variety’s 10 Cinematographers to Watch in 2017, Oliver now resides in Los Angeles and has forged a remarkable and varied range of credits on feature films, documentaries and television.

In the United States, Oliver most recently shot back-to-back films: Insidious: Chapter 4 for director Adam Robitel, which will be in cinemas Jan. 5, 2018; and writer/director Chris Landon’s comic thriller Happy Death Day for Universal, screening nationwide Oct. 13.

Oliver also shot Jordan Peele’s racially-charged comedic thriller horror Get Out in, starring Allison Williams and Daniel Kaluuya. Get Out premiered at a midnight screening at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, and went on to score a rare 99% on Rotten Tomatoes, ranking #1 at the US Box Office on its opening weekend in February 2017. Loved by audiences and critics alike, Get Out has become a cultural phenomenon and to date it has earned over $200m worldwide.

Previously, Oliver lensed Blumhouse Productions’ thriller The Darkness (aka 6 Miranda Drive) for director Greg Mclean, starring Kevin Bacon and Radha Mitchell; and in New York he shot the indie fantasy drama Wildling for Maven Pictures and director Fritz Bohm with Liv Tyler, Bel Powley and Brad Dourif. He continued his documentary cinematography work shooting the indie doc Roller Dreams in and around Los Angeles’ Venice Beach.

Oliver’s work on the Australian WWI suspense war drama Beneath Hill 60 earned him his third Australian Academy nomination, and the TV movie Beaconsfield, about a pair of miners trapped over a kilometer underground in a tiny cage, won a number of awards including a Gold ACS Award and the ACS Best in Show.

Episodes 004 and 005 - Giles Nuttgens, BSC

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Lauded cinematographer Giles Nuttgens recently completed photography on director Wash Westmoreland’s period drama Colette, starring Keira Knightley as a struggling French novelist. Previously, he lensed David Mackenzie’s Hell or High Water, which premiered in Un Certain Regard at 2016’s Cannes Film Festival to critical acclaim and was nominated for several Academy Awards. Starring Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine and Ben Foster, Nuttgens earned a 2017 BAFTA Film Award nomination for Best Cinematography for his work.

 Hell or High Water filmed with Director David MacKenzie and starring Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine, and Ben Foster.

Hell or High Water filmed with Director David MacKenzie and starring Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine, and Ben Foster.

In 2016 Nuttgens also worked on The Fundamentals of Caring, which first screened at Sundance.The film follows Craig Roberts, Paul Rudd and Selena Gomez as a trio who connect on a life changing crosscountry journey.

The last film to ever be shot on black-and-white Kodak 35mm film, Nuttgens shot Grain in Istanbul. Ironically, the movie tells the story of a seed geneticist attempting to save the last batch of genetically unmodified wheat. Nuttgens’ other feature credits also include: Young Ones and God Help the Girl, which both premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival; and The D Train (starring Jack Black and James Marsden) and What Maisie Knew (starring Julianne Moore and Alexander Skarsgard) – both shot with his long-time collaborators, the directing team Scott McGehee and David Siegel.

With director Deepa Mehta, Nuttgens lensed Midnight’s Children, based on the bestselling Salman Rushdie novel. Nuttgens’ also shot Mehta’s elemental trilogy Fire, Earth and Water. Water received a 2007 Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film and earned Nuttgens the 2006 GENIE Award for Best Cinematography.

Episode 003 - The Land: w/ Steve Holleran

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Steve Holleran's recent feature The Land premiered earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival. Executive produced by rapper NAS,  THE LAND tells the story of four teenage boys who devote their summer to escaping the streets of Cleveland, Ohio to pursue a dream life of professional skateboarding. But when they get caught in the web of the local Queen-pin, their motley brotherhood is tested, threatening to make this summer their last.

Holleran’s past credits include: the short film Trying Not to Explode, which took home the 2015 Nashville Film Festival Short Narrative Award; the documentary Fading into the Blue, shot over 12 months in the South Pacific; and commercials for clients including Under Armour, Nike, Android, AT&T and FIFA.

Episode 002 - Human The Documentary

Interview: Florent Girard - Creative Producer

In this week's episode we talk with Florent Girard, the Creative Producer and Artistic Director for Human the Documentary. We discuss a documentary that's probably the most wide ranging documentary in scale and size that's ever been attempted (60 countries and 2000 interviews), what it's like to release a film that's a non-profit venture, and how Tree of Life had an impact on the film.

HUMAN is a collection of stories about and images of our world, offering an immersion to the core of what it means to be human. Through these stories full of love and happiness, as well as hatred and violence, HUMAN brings us face to face with the Other, making us reflect on our lives. From stories of everyday experiences to accounts of the most unbelievable lives, these poignant encounters share a rare sincerity and underline who we are – our darker side, but also what is most noble in us, and what is universal. Our Earth is shown at its most sublime through never-before-seen aerial images accompanied by soaring music, resulting in an ode to the beauty of the world, providing a moment to draw breath and for introspection.

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Episode 001 - Rodney Taylor

Rodney Taylor, ASC is currently lensing Fox’s Shots Fired with director/executive producer Gina Prince Bythewood and executive producer Brian Grazer.

Taylor’s television credits also include: season two of HBO’s Ballers starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, which premieres July 17; season two and three of Getting On, the HBO medical comedy based on the British series of the same name; and season two of FX’s Married starring Judy Greer and Nat Faxon.

In 2014, Taylor lensed Supremacy with director Deon Taylor, a drama starring Danny Glover, Joe Anderson and Anson Mount about a paroled white supremacist and his girlfriend who take an African American family hostage. He also lensed Holbrook/Twain: An American Odyssey, a documentary starring Hal Holbrook, Emile Hirsh, Sean Penn and Martin Sheen. Both films premiered at the 2014Los Angeles Film Festival.

Other features Taylor shot include: Michael Kristoff’s Live at the Foxes Den, starring Jackson Rathbone; That Evening Sun, starring Mia Wasikowska and Hal Holbrook; Save Me, which premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival; the powerful film Swimmers, which received acclaim as an official selection of the 2005 Sundance Film Festival and won the Grand Jury Prize for Best New American Film at the Seattle Film Festival; and Grind, where Taylor was chosen for the International Cinematographers Guild Film Showcase in 1999 for his work on the 35mm short film.

Taylor is known for his IMAX cinematography, with films including: Wired to Win, a film about the Tour de France; the Academy Award nominated Alaska: Spirit of the Wild; and Ride Around the World, an international cowboy film. In 2003 Taylor received the Kodak Vision Award for his excellence and versatility in the IMAX format.

He has photographed extensively in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Japan, Alaska, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Russia, Taiwan and France, as well as in a plethora of state-side locations from New York City to Knoxville, Tennessee.

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